:I’ve Got a Secret! (w/Garry Moore)
(Episodes preserved on B&W kinescope films, unless otherwise indicated)

7/17/52 – guest is Buster Keaton
7/31/52 – guest is Ralph Kiner   BC, JM, MC, Laraine Day; (Bill Cullen's first show)
8/7/52 – guest is Paul Lukas  (Steve Allen - sub-host);  BC, JM, MC, LZH       
8/14/52 – guest is Wanda Hendrix  BC, JM, MC, LZH;       
8/21/52 – guest is Mischa Auer  BC, JM, MC, Laraine Day;       
8/28/52 – guest is Gloria Swanson  BC, JM, Walter Kiernan, Laraine Day;       
9/4/52 – guest is ZaSu Pitts   BC, JM, MC, Laraine Day;       
9/11/52 – guest is Sam Levenson   BC, JM, MC, Laraine Day;       
9/18/52 – guest is Veronica Lake  BC, JM, MC, Laraine Day;       
9/25/52 – guest is Pat O'Brien  BC, JM, MC, Laraine Day;       
10/2/52 – guest is Mickey Mantle  Eddie Bracken, JM, MC, Nina Foch;
10/9/52 – guest is Corinne Calvet  BC, JM, Eddie Bracken, Nina Foch;       
10/16/52 – guest is Melyvn Douglas  BC, JM, Eddie Bracken, Nina Foch;       
10/23/52 – guest is Elsa Maxwell  BC, JM, Eddie Bracken, Kitty Carlisle;       
10/30/52 – guest is Linda Christian  BC, JM, Eddie Bracken, KC;       
11/6/52 – guest is Barry Fitzgerald  BC, JM, Eddie Bracken, KC;       
11/13/52 – guest is Chester Morris  BC, JM, Henry Morgan, KC; (Henry Morgan’s 1st show)
11/20/52 – guest is Margaret O'Brien  BC, JM, HM, KC;       
11/27/52 – guest is Lizabeth Scott  BC, JM, HM, KC;       
12/11/52 – guest is Dick Haymes  BC, JM, HM, KC; (Dick’s odd secret: "I'm sitting on Bill Cullen's hat")
12/18/52 – guest is Maxie Rosenbloom  BC, JM, HM, KC;       
12/25/52 – guest is Basil Rathbone  BC, JM, HM, KC;   
1/8/53 – guest is Zsa Zsa Gabor  BC, JM, HM, KC;        
2/5/53 – guest is Arthur Treacher
2/19/53 – guest is Burgess Meredith  BC, JM, HM, FE; (the panel surprises Bill on his birthday)
3/5/53 – guest is Diana Lynn  BC, JM, HM, FE;       
4/2/53 – guest is June Havoc
4/16/53 – guest is Charles Coburn  BC, JM, HM, Laraine Day;       
4/30/53 – guest is Leo Durocher  BC, JM, HM, Laraine Day;       
5/14/53 – guest is Red Buttons  BC, JM, HM, FE;       
5/28/53 – guest is Xavier Cugat  BC, JM, HM, FE;
7/1/53 – guest is Joe E. Brown
7/8/53 – guest is Peter Lawford
7/15/53 – guest is Mel Torme
7/22/53 – guest is David Niven
7/29/53 – guest is Dennis O’Keefe
8/5/53 – guest is Eddie Fisher
8/12/53 – guest is Larry Storch
8/26/53 – guest is Brian Donlevy (Laraine Day in for Faye)
9/2/53 – guest is Jeanette MacDonald
9/9/53 – guest is Sir Cedric Hardwicke
9/23/53 – guest is Gabby Hayes (Kitty Carlisle in for Faye)
9/30/53 – guest is Zippy the Chimp (Ann Rutherford in for Faye)
10/7/53 – guest is Cesar Romero; who’s guaranteed a reaction from Garry if the panel falters!       
10/14/53 – guest is Paul Winchell (Dorothy Hart in for Faye)
10/21/53 – guest is Denise Darcel (Joan Bennett begins a long stint in for Faye)
10/28/53 – guest  is Brian Aherne
11/4/53 – guest is Eddie Albert, Sr.
11/11/53 – guest is Patti Page; who sings with an odd partner! (panel is BC, JM, HM & Joan Bennett)
11/18/53 – guest is Fred MacMurray
11/25/53 – guest is Jackie Cooper
12/2/53 – guest is George Raft; who’s not wearing a clean tie…
12/23/53 – Christmas show, with guest Paul Hartman; who saw Henry’s mother kissing …who??
6/2/54 – guest is Audrey Meadows (Laraine Day in for Faye)
6/9/54 – guest is Janet Leigh
7/7/54 – guest is Alan Mobray (Laraine Day in for Faye)
7/14/54 – guest is Morgan the Dog
7/21/54 – guest is Helen Kane
8/4/54 – guest is Maxie Rosenblum (Laraine Day in for Faye)
8/11/54 – guest is Chester Morris (Laraine Day in for Faye)
8/18/54 – guest is Robert Q. Lewis (Laraine Day in for Faye)
8/25/54 – guest is Charles Coburn
9/8/54 – guest is Dennis O’Keefe
9/22/54 – guest is Emmett Kelly
10/13/54 – guest is Boris Karloff; who hosts a screaming contest among women from the audience 
12/22/54 – Christmas show; BC, JM, HM, FE; (Xmas Party: the panel shows off their talents)
12/29/54 – guest is Peter Lorre
1/5/55 – guest is Edward Everett Horton
1/12/55 – unknown guest
1/19/55 – guest is Gloria DeHaven
1/26/55 – guest is Rudy Vallee
1955 – guest is Mischa Elman, also Otto Preminger
2/2/55 – guest is Ed Sullivan; who plays “Ol’ Stoneface” for the panel
2/9/55 – guest is Paul Whiteman
2/23/55 – guest is Robert Merrill
3/2/55 – guest is Jackie Gleason; who brings his own entertainment!! (Josephine Hull in for Faye Emerson)
3/9/55 – guest is Andy Devine
3/23/55 – guest is Elsa Lanchester (Lady Catherine Boyle in for Faye)
3/30/55 – guest is Victor Moore
4/13/55 – guests are Fred Allen; also Cy Young
4/20/55 – guest is Emmet Kelly (George Gobel in for Henry)
4/27/55 – guest is Keenan Wynn
5/11/55 – guest is Alec Templeton
5/18/55 – guests are all military men (Armed Forces Week) (Ralph Bellamy, sub-host)
5/25/55 – guest is Sarah Churchill
6/1/55 – guest is Zippy the Chimpanzee (Laraine Day in for Faye)
6/8/55 – guest is Spike Jones
6/15/55 – guests are Steve Allen; also Skitch Henderson (who destroy this IGAS set; for a new one)
6/22/55 – guest is Jack Lemmon; who has his very own game show secret!! (no new set, so sawhorses are all over the stage!)
7/6/55 – guest is George Jessel
7/13/55 – guest is Hildegarde (Betsy Palmer in for Jayne!!)
7/20/55 – guest is Shirley Yamaguchi
7/27/55 – guest is Robert Merrill
8/3/55 – guest is Peggy King
8/10/55 – guest is Arnold Stang (Don McNeill, sub-host)
8/17/55 – guest is Chico Marx (Laraine Day in for Faye) (Don McNeill, sub-host)
8/24/55 – guest is Boris Karloff (Don McNeill, sub-host)
8/31/55 – guest is Jean-Pierre Aumont (Laraine Day in for Jayne, this time) (Don McNeill, sub-host)
9/7/55 – guest is Audie Murphy (Audrey Meadows in for Jayne) (Don McNeill, sub-host)
9/14/55 – guest is Paul Winchell (Kitty Carlisle in for Faye)
9/28/55 – guest is Sylvano Pompanini; also baseball legend Ty Cobb appears (Kitty Carlisle on the panel)
10/5/55 – guest is Ronald Reagan; who strikes a blow for eloquence (Betsy Palmer in for Faye)
10/12/55 – guest is Burr Tillstrom (Fran Allison in for Faye)
10/19/55 – guests are Skitch Henderson, Joe Louis & Jack Sharkey (Kitty Carlisle in for Faye)
11/2/55 – guest is Reginald Gardiner (Betsy Palmer begins 5 weeks in for Faye)
11/9/55 – guest is Linda Darnell (Betsy in for Faye)
11/16/55 – guest is Hal March (Betsy in for Faye)
11/23/55 – guest is Debbie Reynolds (Betsy in for Faye)
11/30/55 – guest is Broderick Crawford (Betsy in for Faye)
12/7/55 – guest is Art Linkletter
12/14/55 – guest is Joan Caulfield
12/21/55 – Christmas show-- Garry receives envelopes, describing what will happen next!
1/4/56 – guest is Arthur Treacher
1/11/56 – guest is Cyril Ritchard (Don McNeill, sub-host)
1/18/56 - (unknown guest)
1/25/56 – guest is Ernest Borgnine
2/8/56 – guest is Desi Arnaz (Lucille Ball on the panel) (exists on B&W kinescope, w/o/c)
2/15/56 – guest is Dennis O’Keefe (Audrey Meadows in for Faye)
2/22/56 – guest is Gregory Ratoff (Ann Cullen in for Faye)
2/29/56 – guest is Basil Rathbone (Toni Gilman in for Faye)
3/7/56 – guest is Farley Granger
3/14/56 – guest is Brian Donlevy
3/21/56 – guest is Sgt. Bilko’s company
3/28/56 – guest  not listed
4/4/56 – guest is William Bendix
4/18/56 – guest is Emmett Kelly; who attempts to solve an eternal quandry!!(ep also has the man who runs the IGAS buzzer!)
5/9/56 – guest is Jackie Cooper (Betty Furness in for Faye)
5/16/56 – guest is Jimmy Durante
6/6/56 – guest is Marguerite Piazza; who’s mercifully wearing earplugs for her segment!
6/13/56 – 4th anniversary show, w/ clips from the 1st show, & others
7/25/56 – guest is Sheree North (Ernie Kovacs & Edie Adams on the panel); Don McNeill - sub-host
8/8/56 – guest is David Wayne;  Don McNeill - sub-host
9/5/56 – guest is Ann Sheridan; Henry is sent on safari with Ann!
10/3/56 – guest is Paul Newman (Ann Sheridan on panel) 
10/10/56 – guest is Orson Welles; who’s prognosticating the 1956 election
10/24/56 – guest is Don Ameche; who brings along the IGAS home game…
10/31/56 – guest is Bud Collyer; who has the panel test stunts for "Beat the Clock"!
11/14/56 – guest is Robert Young; who has a special sendoff for Faysie! (Mary Healy in for Jayne Meadows)
12/5/56 – guest is Art Linkletter; who rights a wrong regarding a panel member (Polly Bergen on the panel)
12/12/56 – A salute to “Good ol’ Bill”… including a musical number by Garry, Henry & Bill!!
12/19/56 – guest is Vincent Price, who brings an interesting collection of Christmas cards
    [This ep features the second (& final!) G-T show appearance by “plugola” master Vic Perry]
12/26/56 – guest is Faye Emerson (!)… who takes control of the 2nd half of the show!!
1/2/57 – guests are Howard Duff & Ida Lupino; Bill leaves 5 mins. early!
1/9/57 – guest is Joe E. Brown 
1/16/57 – guest is Peter Lawford; whose secret also involves substitute host Hal March
1/30/57 – guest is George Gobel; who’s brought his own writers     
2/13/57 – guest is Rocky Graziano; this special show originates from Florida
2/20/57 – guest is Tab Hunter; whose secret involves Bill!
4/3/57 – guest is Laraine Day; whose secret involves easy-going Garry
4/24/57 – guest is Mickey Rooney; who’s making baby faces at the panel  
6/19/57 – 5th anniversary show – feature is a talent show for the crew (including Joseph Papp!)
6/26/57 – guest is Lou Costello; who’s posing for Look magazine… sort of!
7/03/57 – guest is Buster Keaton; who judges a pie-eating contest. (show also includes Philo T. Farnsworth)
7/17/57 - guest is Don Ameche
7/24/57 – guest is Gypsy Rose Lee [Bill Cullen sub-hosts!]
7/31/57 – program is a salute to radio stars [Henry Morgan, sub-host]
8/7/57 – guest is Ricardo Montalban; who’s brought along some puzzling phrases [Hal March, sub-host]
8/14/57 - guest is Ben Blue [Hal March, sub-host]
8/21/57 - guest is Marilyn Maxwell {Hal March, sub-host]
8/28/57 - unknown guest, [Hal March, sub-host]
9/4/57 – guest is Hal March [Garry returns from vacation]
9/18/57 – guest is Tony Randall
9/25/57 - guest is Reginald Gardiner
10/2/57 – guest is Mickey Rooney; who meets his comedy match with Zippy the Chimp
10/9/57 – guests are Broderick Crawford and NY Yankee Bob Turley [Henry Morgan, sub-host]
10/16/57 – program is a salute to the 50th anniversary of US movie production
10/23/57 – guest is Diana Dors
10/30/57 – guest is Dennis Day [JM & sis Audrey on panel, their brother is a contestant]
11/13/57 - guest is Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. [Audrey Meadows in for sister Jayne]
11/20/57 – another tribute to the movies; actor Jerome Cowan appears briefly
11/27/57 - guest is Joe E. Brown [Betty Furness in for Jayne]
12/4/57 – guest is Rudy Vallee, who tells the panel what their doodles reveal about them!
12/11/57 – guest is Fernando Lamas, who utilizes ancient Chinese wisdom on the gang!
12/18/57 – guest is Farley Granger, whose secret involves Jayne & her hubby, Steve Allen
12/25/57 - Christmas show; no guest
1/1/58 – guest is Tyrone Power [Faye Emerson’s final show as a regular panelist]
1/8/58 – guest is Richard Boone [Betsy Palmer’s 1st show as a regular panelist]
1/15/58 – guest is Miiko Taka (from the film “Sayonara’) [Henry Morgan, sub-host]
1/22/58 – guest is Martha Raye [Henry Morgan, sub-host]
1/29/58 – guest is Elsa Maxwell; who serves up a series of “catered” meals for the gang!
2/5/58 – guest is Hoagy Carmichael; who writes a new tune, with the help of the panel
2/26/58 – guests are celebrity relatives, showing their talents
3/5/58 – guest is Patrice Munsel
3/12/58 – guest is Pat Boone (Betsy appears via TV hookup for the 1st ½  of the show)
3/19/58 - guest is Carmel Quinn; [Louis Nye in for Bill]
3/26/58 – a “Talented Teens” show—featured are future actress Carol Lynley, basketball legend Oscar
                Robertson and chess champion Bobby Fischer
4/2/58 – guest is Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.
4/9/58 – guest is Laraine Day (new set debut, as well)
4/16/58 – guest is Cornel Wilde
4/30/58 – guest (at the last minute) is Louis Armstrong; show theme is the “IGAS Family Album”
5/7/58 – guest is Phil Silvers
5/14/58 – salute to Armed Forces Week
5/21/58 – guest is Ann B. Davis; who’s brought along a ringer to the program…
6/4/58 – guest is Dana Andrews; who’s curious about Henry’s matrimonial prospects.
6/11/58 – guest is Tony Curtis [Henry Morgan, sub-host] (Allan Sherman’s “make-or-break” show as
                Producer of IGAS— he broke.)
6/18/58 – 6th Anniversary show
6/25/58 – guest is Olivia DeHavilland
7/2/58 – guest is Art Carney; who’s taking his cues from the audience!
7/9/58 – guest is Arlene Dahl
7/16/58 – guest is Keenan Wynn; who judges the panel’s acting skills… as each other!!
7/23/58 – guest is Steve Lawrence (Betty White in for Jayne on the panel)
7/30/58 – guest is Margaret O’Brien (1st spot is a great practical joke on Betsy, involving Mark Goodson)
8/13/58 – guest is Fernando Lamas (Betty White in for Jayne)
8/20/58 – guest is Bob Crosby
9/3/58 – guests are Louie Nye, Don Knotts & Tom Poston
9/10/58 – guest is Durward Kirby
9/17/58 – guest is Mickey Rooney
9/24/58 – guest is Art Linkletter
10/1/58 – guest is Roy Rogers; theme is “I’ve Got an Adult Western Secret”
10/8/58 – guest is William Bendix
10/15/58 – guest is Sam Levenson, theme of show is “Celebrity Relatives”
10/29/58 – guest is Arnold Stang
11/5/58 – guest is Walter Slezak
11/12/58 – guest is Peter Lind Hayes (Mary Healy on the panel)
12/3/58 – guest is Pat Boone (Peggy Cass in for Jayne, civilian Dorthy Ellington in for Betsy!)
12/10/58 – guest is Jackie Cooper (Bess Myerson’s 1st appearance, in for Betsy)
12/17/58 – guest is Arthur Godfrey (Donna Reed in for Jayne)
12/24/58 – Christmas show, with guest Meredith Willson
1/7/59 – guest is Sal Mineo; also - Gene Krupa judges everybody’s drumming skills!
1/14/59 – guest is Andy Griffith, who never gets to reveal his secret!
1/21/59 – guest is Dana Wynter
2/4/59 – guest is Jayne Meadows! (Henry is taken off to portray a corpse in her new play!)
2/11/59 – guest is Rocky Graziano (Johnny Carson in for Bill)
2/18/59 – guest is Bob Cummings (JC in for Bill, Zoe Gale [from the UK version of IGAS] in for Jayne)
2/25/59 – guest is Dick Powell (Esther Williams in for Betsy) [program orig. taped (!) on 1/14/59]
3/4/59 – guest is Martha Raye
3/11/59 – guest is Andy Griffith (again!)
3/18/59 – guest is David Wayne
3/25/59 – guest is Julius LaRosa
4/1/59 – guest is Jane Powell
4/8/59 – guest is Hugh O’Brian
4/15/59 – guest is Vincent Price (Kathryn Grayson in for Jayne)
4/22/59 – guest is Jeanne Crain (Janis Paige in for Jayne)
4/29/59 – guest is Don McNeill (Vivian Blaine in for Jayne)
5/6/59 – guest is Jack Lemmon (Bess in as a regular now)
5/13/59 – guest was to be Doris Day, but she’s sick, so a child w/ her name takes her place!
5/20/59 – guest is Charles Coburn; a couple who met via the 1/8/58 IGAS show are getting married!
5/27/59 – guest is Craig Stevens; Bess’ sisters appear in the first spot.
6/10/59 – guest is Jayne Meadows (!)
6/17/59 – 7th Anniversary show, no guest
6/24/59 – guest is Joan Bennett (Monique van Vooren in for Bess)
7/1/59 – guest is Monique van Vooren
7/8/59 – guest is Walter Brennan (Eva Marie Saint in for Betsy)
7/15/59 – guest is Imogene Coca
7/22/59 – guest is Tab Hunter
7/29/59 – guest is Ginger Rogers
8/5/59 – guest is Red Buttons; Gorgeous George is the 1st contestant!
8/12/59 – guest is Hermione Gingold
8/19/59 – guest is Johnny Carson (Jayne Meadows back on the panel— this show obviously taped)
8/26/59 – guest is Rocky Marciano (Johnny Carson in for Henry)
9/2/59 – guest is Arthur Treacher
9/9/59 – guest is Robert Q. Lewis (the panel, at R.Q.’s urging, goes “beatnik”)
9/23/59 – guest is Ben Gazzara (Garry is honored with a Marion Lorne-filled cake at the end!)
9/30/59 – guest is Mitch Miller (Betsy gets her voice recorded on an Edison recorder)
10/7/59 – guest is Jack Hawkins (Jack introduces the element of suspense to the show)
10/21/59 – guest is Vivian Vance
10/28/59 – guest is Hugh O’Brian
11/4/59 – guest is Arnold Stang
11/11/59 – guest is Fred MacMurray
11/18/59 – guest is Joel McCrea
11/25/59 – guest is Marion Lorne (the panel is not allowed to leave until they guess her secret!)
12/2/59 – guest is Jayne Meadows (who wants to let Bess in on past tricks on the panel)
12/9/59 – guest is Eva Gabor (the cow from the conclusion of last week’s show is back-- w/ a secret!)
12/16/59 – guest is Pat Boone
12/23/59 - guest is Elsa Maxwell
12/30/59 – guest is Hermione Gingold [Henry goes to England!]
1/6/60 – Henry returns from England; the panel gets sugggestions for New Year’s resolutions
1/13/60 – no guest; the panel adapts to the suggestions given on last week’s show
1/20/60 – guest is Edmund O’Brien (Betsy has zipper problems during the 1st segment)
1/27/60 – guest is Jack E. Leonard; who tries out new hair, for his act
2/3/60 – guest is Jean Pierre Aumont [Betsy Palmer – sub-host!] (D. Kirby & C. Burnett on panel)
2/10/60 – guest is Steve Allen (Johnny Carson in for Bill)
2/17/60 – guest is Peter Lorre (the panel is given a blindfolded sensory test!)
2/24/60 – guest is Zsa Zsa Gabor (4 generations of a family share a birthday!)
3/9/60 – guest is Lloyd Bridges (Florence Henderson in for Betsy)
3/16/60 – guest is Olivia DeHavilland
3/23/60 – guest is Laurence Harvey (Laurence was pulled out of the audience as the 1st contestant!)
3/30/60 – guest is Janis Paige
4/7/60 – guest is Mel Torme; who sings a song Henry wrote seven years before!!
4/13/60 – guest is Julius LaRosa.  Also includes an opening appearance by Frank DeVol
4/20/60 – guest is Nancy Walker; who starts spring cleaning for Garry & the panel
4/27/60 – guest is Art Linkletter; the panel must identify one another under unusual circumstances!!
5/4/60 – guest is Arthur Treacher; who dispatches Betsy to cover Princess Margaret’s wedding!!
5/11/60 – guest is Wally Cox; who builds furniture w/Garry (**very** badly!) (D. Kirby in for Bill)
5/25/60 – guest is Burgess Meredith (filling in for an ill Charles Laughton)
6/1/60 – guest is Jane Wyman (Florence Henderson in for Betsy)
6/8/60 – guest is Anthony Perkins; who helps Garry dismantle the set to move from the Mansfield Theatre!
6/15/60 – guest is Jay North; who holds a frog-jumping contest w/ the panel!
6/22/60 – guest is Van Johnson (1st contestant is Jean-Jacques Perrey, w/ an Ondioline!!)
6/29/60 – guest is Victor Borge; Garry leaves after the first segment, and Bill takes over as host!!
7/6/60 – guest is George Jessel; who initiates a project involving the panel
7/20/60 – guest is Tony Randall
8/3/60 – guest is Johnny Carson; who’s hooked to a lie detector!
8/10/60 – guest is Polly Bergen; who plays a primitive form of “Tattletales” with the panel
8/17/60 – guest is Alan King; who leads a trunk-packing contest (Johnny Carson in for Henry)
8/24/60 – guest is Gloria Swanson; who has no secret! (the 1st contestant has carrots in his ears!!)
8/31/60 – no guest star—special children’s edition
9/7/60 – guest is Vic Damone
9/21/60 – guest is Carol Burnett; who models Bess & Betsy’s off-screen wardrobe!!
9/28/60 – guest is Jonathan Winters; whose mother leads the applause for his segment!!
10/12/60 – guest is William Bendix; who also has no secret!!
10/19/60 – guest is Arlene Francis; (the 1st contestant’s little brother ate 40 bugs!!)
10/26/60 – guest is John Payne; Henry is involved in a “cliffhanger” ending!!
11/2/60 – guest is Gisele MacKenzie (the 1st contestants are Bill Cullen lookalikes!!)
11/9/60 – guest is Audrey Meadows
11/23/60 – guest is Peter Ustinov
11/30/60 – guest is Myrna Loy
12/7/60 – guest is Vivian Vance; panel put on a pretzel assembly line!! (and the 1st guest speaks Finnish?)
12/14/60 – guest is Eva Gabor, who’s all gift-wrapped for Xmas!!
12/21/60 – guest is Faye Emerson (Carol Burnett in for Betsy Palmer)
12/28/60 – no special guest; another “celebrity relatives” edition (1st contestant is Bud Collyer’s daughter!)
1/4/61 – guest is Keenan Wynn; who has a play for the panel in which Betsy has to improvise her lines
1/11/61 – guest is Patrice Munsel (Johnny Carson in for Bill)
1/25/61 – no special guest; the panel have their own secrets to celebrate Garry’s birthday!
2/1/61 – guest is Spike Jones
2/8/61 – guests are Soupy Sales (relatively unknown at time of show) & Ronald Reagan
2/15/61 – guest is Lucille Ball (Johnny Carson in for Bill Cullen)
2/22/61 – guest is Wally Cox (Henry Morgan - sub-host; Johnny Carson & Gretchen Wyler on panel)
3/1/61 – guest is Anna Maria Alberghetti
3/8/61 – guest is Joanthan Winters; who audibly captions works of art (Steve Allen in for Bill)
3/15/61 – guest is Walter Slezak
4/5/61 – guest is Liberace; who leads the panel on a concerto for piano and utensils.
4/12/61 – guest is Andy Griffith
4/19/61 – guest is June Allyson; with a telephonic scavenger hunt… also—“Hot Sticks” Palmer drums!!
4/26/63 – guest is Arthur Treacher (Carol Burnett in for Bess)
5/3/61 – guest is Harpo Marx (Johnny Carson in for Bill)
5/10/61 – guest is Donald O’Connor (Johnny Carson in for Bill)
5/17/61 – guest is Merv Griffin (who demonstrates “Play your Hunch”)
5/24/61 – guest is Victor Borge
5/31/61 – guest is Morey Amsterdam
6/7/61 – guest is Charley Weaver (A.J. Foyt is a “Mr. X”)
6/14/61 – guest is Edgar Bergen [w/ Mortimer Snerd]; Chuck McCann is actually doing Mortimer’s voice!
6/21/61 – 9th anniversary show, w/ clips from past episodes
6/28/61 – guest is Jerry Lewis
7/5/61 – guest is William Bendix
7/12/61 – guest is Jane Russell; who uses a Ouija board to obtain her answers!
7/19/61 – guest is Jack E. Leonard; who plays “Ha” with the panel (Carol Burnett in for Betsy)
7/26/61 – guests are three of Bing Crosby’s sons
8/2/61 – guest is Sam Levenson; who brings his enormous family onstage!! [Faye Emerson in for Betsy]
8/9/61 – guest is Tom Poston
8/16/61 – guest is Edie Adams [Betsy Palmer, sub-host!!; Denise Lor in for Betsy]
8/23/61 – guest is George Gobel [Henry Morgan, sub-host; Alan King in for Henry]
8/30/61 – guest is Eve Arden
9/6/61 – guest is Joan Bennett
9/13/61 – guest is Jayne Meadows; who brings a UNIVAC to arrange dates (1st segment clipped on GSN broadcast)
9/20/61 – guest is Robert Young; who has the girls use a police ID kit (1st segment clipped on GSN broadcast)
10/9/61 – “County Fair” edition – no guest star
10/16/61 – guest is Art Linkletter; who has the panel go through audience members’ purses!
10/30/61 – guest is Martha Raye
11/6/61 – guest is Vivian Vance, who demonstrates G-T's new morning game show... “Password”!
11/13/61 – guest is Ray Bolger, who attempts to influence the panel’s questioning
11/20/61 – guest is Peggy Cass
11/27/61 – guest is Peter Lind Hayes; who tests the homemaking skills of the panel
12/4/61 – guest is Roy Rogers
12/11/61 – guest is Janet Leigh (Garry gets a Christmas gift for everyone but Bess!)
12/18/61 – guest is Jack E. Leonard (Garry makes up for slighting Bess the week before!)
12/25/61 – Christmas show, w/guest Sam Levenson
1/1/62 – guest is Dick Van Dyke; [Dorothy Collins in for Bess; GSN print chops off panel intros]
1/8/62 – guest is Tom Ewell [Peter Lawford in for Bill]
1/15/62 – guest is Jane Powell, wearing a 50-way dress!
1/22/62 – guest is Hugh O’Brian [Henry Morgan, sub-host, Don Ameche in for Henry]
1/29/62 – guest is Michel de la Vega; who performs magic tricks with Garry
2/5/62 – guest is Michael Rennie (who explores British slang); also pool champ Willie Moscone
2/12/62 – guest is Michel de la Vega; who performs a hypnosis trick
2/19/62 – guest is James Garner
2/26/62 – guest is Ginger Rogers; who tests the panel on skills learned from their previous jobs
3/5/62 – guest is Milton Berle (Barry Nelson in for Henry); Uncle Miltie demonstrates card tricks
3/12/62 – guest is Liberace; who plays duo-pianos with the panel; Wilt Chamberlain also appears!
3/19/62 – guest is Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.; (panel guesses ownership of each other's personal effects)
3/26/62 – guest is Ann Sothern; (Henry Morgan, sub-host, Merv Griffin on the panel)
4/2/62 – guest is Van Johnson; who reads comments from visitors to the Niagara Falls IGAS memorial.
4/9/62 – guest is Kim Novak; who designed Bess’ dress [which she hates]!
4/16/62 – guest is Jonathan Winters, who moves troops with the help of the panel!
4/23/62 – guests are Allen & Rossi
4/30/62 – guest is Helen Traubel; who fights laughing at Garry’s antics [Alan King in for Bill]
5/7/62 – guest is Jane Powell; [Gretchen Wyler in for honeymooning Bess]
5/14/62 – no guest; [Faye Emerson in for Bess]
5/21/62 – guest is Arlene Francis; she gives out “Garry” awards to the panel, who then give speeches
5/28/62 – guest is Jimmy Dean; (Henry Morgan, sub-host; Buddy Hackett on the panel)
6/4/62 – guest is Carol Burnett; acts in dramatic scenes, based on the panel's questions
6/18/62 – 10th Anniversary Show
6/25/62 – guests are 4 Miss Universe entrants; (Henry, stuck in traffic, shows up late!!)
7/2/62 – guest is Arthur Godfrey
9/10/62 – no guest—features the panel shooting promos from 6/25 [note: IGAS was in reruns for 2 months!]
9/24/62 – guest is Victor Borge, who leads Norman Paris’ orchestra in a varietal “Tea for Two”
10/8/62 – guest is Janet Leigh; Bill & Henry do the girls’ hair!
10/29/62 – guest is Jane Powell; (the 1st segment has a couple of **very** precocious kids!)
11/12/62 – guest is Carol Burnett; who models 4 new designer outfits… all at once!!
11/26/62 – no guest; the world’s fastest talker is featured in one segment
12/10/62 – guest is Ray Bolger, who dances electronically with the panel
12/17/62 – guest is Arthur Godfrey; ep features salute to his 30-year career [Henry Morgan, sub-host;
                  David Wayne on the panel]
12/24/62 – Christmas show
12/31/62 – guest is Guy Lombardo [an audience member sits in for Bess!]
1/7/63 – guest is Hugh Downs; who quizzes the panel on current events
1/14/63 – guest is Hermione Gingold, who quizzes the panel on their past relationships
1/21/63 – guest is Carol Channing, who’s taking notes on how to sub on the panel
1/28/63 – guest is Boris Karloff, [Carol Channing in for Bill]
2/4/63 – guest is Jack Benny; whose cab has the METER RUNNING!! [Joan Benny in for Bill]
2/11/63 – guest is Ann Sothern; who teaches the panel to dance
2/18/63 – guest is Durward Kirby; [Henry Morgan as sub-host; panel is Betsy, Faysie, Dorothy Louden &
                Gretchen Wyler]
2/25/63 – guest is Salvador Dali; who critiques the panel’s art, then creates a piece using shaving cream
3/4/63 – guest is Steve Allen [Jayne Meadows in for Bess, George Gobel in for Bill; Hollywood show]
3/11/63 – guest is Dick Van Dyke; a memory quiz is given to the panel [Morey Amsterdam in for Bill,
                Rosemary Clooney in for Bess… show originates from Hollywood]
3/18/63 – guest is Carol Burnett; who plays musical chairs [Alan King in for Bill; show from Lake Tahoe!]
3/25/63 – guest is Meredith Willson; audience members' names used as song lyrics (“Somerstein!!”)
4/1/63 – guests are Dorothy Loudon and Stuart Somerstein (Stuart is honored by panel; sings with Dorothy)
4/8/63 – guest is Suzy Parker; Bill and Henry design fabrics for dresses for Bess and Betsy
4/15/63 – guest is Horst Bucholz; who brings dubbed IGAS clips with him, to show everyone
4/22/63 – guest is Alan King, who has the panel make up (excruciating) “Tom Swifites”
4/29/63 – guest is Vic Damone
5/6/63 – guest is Cliff Robertson; who asks the panel a collection of mystery riddles
5/13/63 – guest is Robert Goulet; who leads the panel in a multi-lingual singalong!
5/20/63 – guest is Morey Amsterdam; who is fed improvisational joke subjects by the panel
5/27/63 – guest is Joan Crawford; who acts out a dramatic scene with Betsy
6/3/63 – guest is Hugh O’Brian; who tears a phone book in half—after Bess showed him how!!
6/10/63 – guest is Arnold Palmer; who’s going to have Henry caddy for him [Lauren Bacall in for Bess]
6/17/63 – guest is Peggy Cass; who plays TTTT with the panel (sort of…) [Joan Fontaine in for Betsy]
6/24/63 – guest is Sam Levenson; who administers a school test to panel [Sally Ann Howes in for Betsy]
7/1/63 – guest is Jack E. Leonard; who attempts to answer questions that he can’t hear! [Henry hosts!]
7/15/63 – guest is Peter Lawford; with deduction riddles for the gang. [Henry sub-hosts, Merv on panel]
9/9/63 – guest is Phil Silvers; who debuts his all-star athlete Dixieland band
9/16/63 – guest is Alan King; who brings along elephant jokes for the panel
                [John Cale, later of the Velvet Underground, is featured in the 1st segment!!]
9/23/63 – guest is George Hamilton; who fools the panel with a double
9/30/63 – guest is Gordan MacRae; who teaches the panel to rock and roll!!
10/7/63 – guest is James Garner; who has the panel figure out phonetically-spelled English words
10/14/63 – guest is Tony Randall; who teaches the panel to show emotions with facial expressions
10/21/63 – guest is Art Linkletter; who tests the panel’s powers of observation
10/28/63 – guest is Groucho Marx, whose answers are impersonated by comic Dayton Allen!!
11/4/63 – guest is Durward Kirby; (Can a foreign woman find out which of three people is Garry?)
11/11/63 – guest is Jack E. Leonard; who dances the ballet!!
11/18/63 – guest is Allan Sherman(!); who makes up songs about audience members
12/2/63 – guest is Troy Donahue; who posed as an usher and seated his teenage fans before the show!
12/9/63 – guest is Michel de la Vega; who balances Betsy on the tip of a sword!!
12/16/63 – Christmas show (one week early, as the show was pre-empted on 12/23/63)
12/30/63 – guests are Ruby Dee; Hal March, and the Firko String Band
1/6/64 – guest is Jose Ferrer; the panel must identify foreign language versions of animal sounds
1/13/64 – no guest listed; (Phyllis Diller in for Betsy) the panel try to match up spouses
1/20/64 – guest is Arthur Godfrey; (Rosemary Clooney in for Betsy); salute to Godfrey’s 30 years in radio
1/27/64 – guest is Alan King; who uses a computer to pick out birthday gifts for Garry!
2/3/64 – guest is IGAS bandleader Norman Paris; who plays a piano duet with himself!
2/10/64 – guest is Jonathan Winters; who attempts to hide his identity from a civilian guesser
2/17/64 – guest is Bobby Darin; who sings a duet with a speeded-up version of himself
2/24/64 – guest is Morey Amsterdam; who has the panel guess jokes from their punchlines
3/2/64 – guest is Woody Allen; who sings (!) a duet with a poodle
3/9/64 – guest is to be Connie Stevens, but Betsy has to fill in… (Which mannequin is a real person?)
3/16/64 – guest is Art Carney; who sings, and also plays the world’s smallest organ
3/23/64 – guest is E.G. Marshall; who has the panel playing parts in a court case!!
3/30/64 – guest is Bette Davis; who answers audience questions, with the gang predicting her answers
4/6/64 – guest is Wally Cox; who builds an edible lunch box. (Game 1 features Colonel Sanders!!)
4/13/64 – guest is Suzy Parker; who brings a room with light-up items along with her
4/20/64 – guest is Ed Begley, Sr.; who brings along rare recordings [Allan Sherman in for Bill!!]
4/27/64 – guest is Olivia DeHavilland; the panel translates French idioms [Louis Jourdan in for Bill]
5/4/64 – guest is Lloyd Bridges; who plays “Post Office” with the panel [Woody Allen in for Bill]
5/11/64 – guest is Durward Kirby; who brings some candid video footage [Woody Allen in for Bill]
5/18/64 – program is a salute to Armed Forces Week
5/25/64 – guests are the Smothers Brothers; who bring along some alliterative relatives
6/1/64 – guest is Victor Borge; who leads IGAS band members in an offbeat performance
6/8/64 – guest is Robert Merrill; who has his whole family (including the dog!) perform
6/15/64 – 12th Anniversary episode, showcasing a lot of backstage crew talent
6/22/64 – guest is Sam Levenson; who brings along a school test for the gang [Garry’s final solo show!!]

(w/ Steve Allen)
[9/14/64] Currently missing in the archives, this show is co-hosted by Garry [his last show] & Steve!!
9/21/64 – guest is Edie Adams; who demonstrates some video tricks with the panel
9/28/64 – guest is Connie Francis; who tries to fool the panel with re-written popular song lyrics
10/5/64 – guest is Arlene Francis; who brings along analyses of the panel’s handwriting
10/12/64 – guest is Carol Channing; who gave haircuts to the men in her current play
10/19/64 – guest is Julie Newmar; who has the panel build inventions from a kit that she supplied
10/26/64 – guest is Ray Walston; who’s going to light a pumpkin with the audience’s applause!!
11/__/64 – guest is Victor Borge; his accompanyists aren’t playing their instruments!
11/16/64 – guests are Robert Goulet & the Shangri-Las; “Leader of the Pack” is dramatically staged
11/23/64 – guest is Louis Nye; who cooks a Thanksgiving dinner using a microwave oven!!
12/7/64 – guest is Robert Merrill; who performs songs that the panel members have written
12/14/64 – guest is Steve Lawrence; who throws the panels words back at them…who said what?
12/21/64 – Xmas show; no guest, but Durward Kirby (next week’s guest) makes a cameo at the end
12/28/64 – guest is Durward Kirby; who checks last year’s panel predictions, and makes new ones
1/4/65 – guest is Jack E. Leonard; who has a memory quiz for the gang
1/11/65 – guests are Bud Collyer & the TTTT panel; who play a great hybrid of IGAS & TTTT!!
1/18/65 – guest is Alan King; the panel is comprised of the TTTT regulars [TP, PC, OB, KC]
1/25/65 – guest is Peter Lawford; who has a large safe… and a surprise for the gang!
2/1/65 – guest is Kaye Ballard; who has an Italian conversation w/Steve… the panel then translates
2/8/65 – guest is Shirl Conway; who has the panel guess things about people off the street
2/15/65 – guests are Betsy, Henry & Bess!!  Bill has to earn his birthday present… G-T style!! 
                [Game 1 features 17-year old electronics whiz Raymond Kurzweil!]
2/22/65 – guest is Buddy Hackett; who brings out 5 possible subs for Bess Myerson (for next week)
3/1/65 – guests are Bette Davis & Olivia DeHavilland; [civilian Loraine Bloy in for Bess]
3/8/65 – guest is Lucille Ball; who fields civilian questions [JM & Gary Morton on the panel]
3/15/65 – guest is Neil Sedaka; who will be doing something a little unexpected… in the USSR!!
3/22/65 – guest is Vivian Vance; who’s having a stenographer transcribe her segment with the panel
3/29/65 – guest is David Wayne; who brings a cast of kids to dramatize a book… that Henry wrote!!
4/5/65 – guest is Durward Kirby; who brings along pix of the panel… taken with a candid camera!!
4/12/65 – guest is Morey Amsterdam; who gives the gang a “library research” quiz
4/19/65 – guest is Woody Allen; who performs a duet with Bess [clarinet & flute]
4/26/65 – guest is Edie Adams; who’s got a secret about each member of the panel!!
5/3/65 – guest is William Frawley; [Game 2: a 1953 stand-by contestant finally gets on the show!]
5/10/65 – guest is Eydie Gorme; who helps the panel sing songs about works of art
5/17/65 – guest is George Hamilton; who’s watching the panel on the world’s smallest TV!
5/24/65 – guest is Sam Levenson; Game 2 features MLB stars Warren Spahn & Doug Camilli
5/31/65 – guest is Liza Minnelli; who attempts to describe unknown objects to a blindfolded panel
6/7/65 – guest is Fritz Weaver; who has the gang play Sherlock Holmes
6/14/65 – guest is Don DeFore; who has the gang help him try a case before a jury!
6/21/65 – guest is Arlene Francis; who’s learning to play an unexpected instrument!
6/28/65 – guest is Jayne Meadows; who brings along a strange way to dye her hair
7/5/65 – guest is Tony Randall; who confronts the panel with previously-given answers to questions
9/13/65 – guest is Carol Burnett; who reads flawed mysteries to the panel
9/20/65 – guest is Soupy Sales; who brings some interesting friends along with him
9/27/65 – guest is Fred Gwynne; who plays word games with the panel
10/4/65 – guest is Arthur Godfrey; the panel attempts to answer audience questions as Arthur would!
10/11/65 – guest is Peter Falk; who has the panel identify celebrities from their baby pictures!
10/18/65 – guest is Buddy Hackett; who’s accompanied by a trio of unlikley artists
10/25/65 – guest is Alan King; who brings along some unusual paintings…  [Henry Morgan – sub-host]
11/1/65 – guest is Durward Kirby, who has some video tricks up his sleeve
11/8/65 – guest is Vivian Vance; who checks everyone’s ability to follow directions
11/14/65 – guest is Omar Sharif; who has the panel act out scenes without using their voices
11/22/65 – guests are Satchel Paige & Ethel Merman; Satchel plays catch, the gang plays the xylophone!
11/29/65 – guest is George Maharis, who has the panel answer questions concerning the audience
12/13/65 – guest is Miss America 1966 Debbie Bryant, whose secret involves her contest winnings  
12/20/65 – no guest, Christmas show
12/27/65 – guest is Louis Armstrong; who brings along his boyhood trumpet instructor!!
1/3/66 – guest is Hugh O’Brian; who assists the panel with their annual predictions
1/10/66 – guests are the King Sisters
1/17/66 – guests are celebrity relatives (of Art Carney, Durwood Kirby & Steve Allen!!)
1/24/66 – guest is Frank Gorshin, who teaches the panel to do impersonations
                [the 1st man ever on TV, William Taynton (1925) appears in Game 2!]
1/31/66 – guest is Carol Burnett; who brings along a panel of her own… from Columbia University!
2/7/66 – guest is Robert Morse; who brings along various historic contraptions
2/14/66 – guest is Phyllis Diller; who accompanies her dress designer [Arthur Godfrey in for Bill]
2/21/66 – guest is John Charles Daly; who quizzes the panel on past news events
2/28/66 – guest is Vivian Vance; [Phyllis Diller in for Henry, Arthur Godfrey in for Bill]
3/7/66 – guest is Edgar Buchanan; who has a secret regarding his stand-in!
3/14/66 – guests are the TTTT panel; who go up against the IGAS panel in a radio/TV trivia quiz!!
                (Game 1 features singer/actor Tony Darrow)
3/21/66 – guest is (Broadway’s “Superman”) Bob Holliday; who teaches Steve to fly
4/4/66 – guests are Phil Ford & Mimi Hines; how is Phil connected with Mimi’s dress?
4/11/66 – guest is George Segal; who’s brought along six strangers that share his secret
4/18/66 – guest is Gretchen Wyler
4/25/66 – guest is Joe Garagiola; who tests the girls on their baseball knowledge
4/18/66 – guest is Gretchen Wyler [not in GSN archive]
4/25/66 – guest is Joe Garagiola; who tests the girls on their baseball knowledge
[5/2/66] - guest is Sheila MacRae; [current existence of this episode has not yet been verified]
5/9/66 – guest is E.G. Marshall; who uses a police ID kit to sketch the panel
5/23/66 – guest is Hugh O’Brian; who tests the panel on that evening’s show!!
5/30/66 – guest is Shelley Winters; who quizzes the panel about themselves, using an analyst’s questions
6/6/66 – guest is Arlene Francis; who brings along people from the panel’s past
6/13/66 – guest is Robert Goulet; who talks with the panel about a shopping spree
6/20/66 – guest is Sam Levenson; who gives his usual school quiz to the gang
9/5/66 – guest is Garry Moore(!!); who (with the panel’s help) fields audience questions [last B&W show]
9/19/66 – guest is Edie Adams; who discusses the history behind some common phrases
9/26/66 – guest is Soupy Sales; who teaches the gang to be rockers… in a band!!
10/3/66 – guest is Buddy Hackett; who gives the panel a memory test about his career
10/10/66 – guest is John Gary; who plays a number using an unusual instrument
10/17/66 – guest is Lucille Ball; who surveys the hottest fashions of 1966!
10/24/66 – guest is Jack E. Leonard; who hooks the panel up to an emotion-reading machine
11/7/66 - guest is Walter Cronkite
11/14/66 – guest is Arlene Dahl; who is wearing a very special dress
11/21/66 – guest is Rossano Brazzi; who translates Italian idioms into English, and then has the panel guess
                    the meanings.  [Jean-Jacques Perrey makes a return appearance, w/ partner Gershon Kingsley!]
11/28/66 – guest is Walter Pidgeon; who brings along pictures and stories from his career
12/5/66 – guest is Bud Collyer; who has the panel guess the truth about each other!
12/12/66 – guest is Victor Borge; who (like John Gary) plays an unusual instrument
12/19/66 – Xmas show, no special guest; but what secret does the show’s Salvation Army Band share…?
12/26/66 – guest is Paul Anka; who leads a special version of “The 12 Days of Christmas”
[1/2/67] - guest is Phyllis Diller [current existence of this episode has not yet been verified]
1/9/67 – guest is Robert Merrill; who has the gang playing the xylophone!!
1/23/67 - guest is Pearl Bailey; whose secret involves watching the show!! (exists as 16mm kinescope; w/o/c)
1/30/67 – guest is Soupy Sales
2/6/67 – guest is John Daly; who has the panel writing headlines
2/13/67 – guest is Cliff Robertson; who brings a “Jigger” along with him to the studio
2/20/67 – guest is Dina Merrill; who does some interesting photography around the panel’s homes!!
2/27/67 – guest is Woody Allen; who brings along some offbeat word definitions from children
3/20/67 – guest is Jim Backus; who finds a new use for a laser
4/3/67 – guest is Lynn Redgrave; who brings along survey results, and quizzes the panel with them.
                [Final CBS 60’s episode… final goodbyes were recorded later, and tacked on to this ep, which was
                 originally scheduled to air on 2/27/67.]