Well, it's admittedly incomplete (just think of it as a work in progress!!), but here is the first attempt at a separate page that gives some episode details for the original primetime network runs of the following G-T classics:  "I've Got a Secret", "Password", "To Tell the Truth" and the show that started it all, the venerable "What's My Line?"

Just click on the image of your favorite show to see the index details for the known available episodes of these classics!!

But that's not all...!!  Although the details are still coming in on many of the shows listed below, we feel we'd be remiss if we didn't dedicate a little cyber-space to these spin-offs of the "Big 4"... the CBS daytime versions of "Truth" and "Password", as well as some fascinating information on the early years of the UK edition of "What's My Line?", as hosted by Eammon Andrews.


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This page is of course, not a solo effort-- there have been many "behind-the-scenes" contributions, and some of the most important have come from:
Marshall Akers
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...who are very deserving of this public "Thank You"!!

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